Headshot Mania!

I WANT YOU! to relax about headshots. Headshots are fun! Headshots are hilarious! Most actors come to me with the line "You'll have to bear with me: I am the most un-photogenic person you have ever met." My friends, do not worry! Everyone feels exactly the same way... except perhaps Tyra Banks. I'm pretty sure she finds herself to be extremely photogenic.

To lighten the mood, I thought I'd throw in a few portraits of moments that happen when we're not shooting "The Moment." There's a lot of teeth-gnashing and face-grabbing that goes on while one endeavors to look utterly natural.

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Traford attempts to rub his own face off

Upon finding a sprawling sunflower bush emerging from a crack in the sidewalk, Eric and I decide that we MUST take a spoof photo as a gift for his girlfriend. Little did he expect I would publish it on the world wide web. Beware! I have no scruples whatsoever.

Something genuinely amuses Sevrin: hopefully it is my radical sense of humor.

Alessandro undercover!

Sa returns to himself. Alessandro was very keen on getting a living headshot - a portrait that captures his essence without seeming campy and staged. To achieve this, we experimented a lot with feeling free to look away from the camera; I think this shot is especially successful in capturing his buoyancy without coming on too strong.

Cortnie is so g-damn cute! I love the clothes she picked out for our shoot: they fit her well and were extremely flattering. Choosing the right outfit to simultaneously reveal your shape but not distract from your face is one of the main challenges of headshots: I really think Cort nailed it.

I love how effortlessly gorgeous Jessie is: it isn't easy to feel relaxed in front of the camera, but Jessie turned it over to me and didn't get distracted by too much self-consciousness. I think it can be helpful for an actor to rely on the confidence they summon on stage; the same skill set that makes someone a great actor can definitely lend itself to modeling.

What I love about this shot of Matt is the perspective: it's unusual and interesting to have the wall disappearing into the foreground instead of the background for a change. I dig it!


Collaboration Town Gets Their Filming Feet Wet... In a Dry Pool

While I was in New York in October, some friends of mine who have a theatre company (Collaboration Town) invited me to come by while they were filming portions of their latest project (The Deepest Play Ever - a huge hit at the NYC Fringe Festival this summer). Dan Stowell, the filmmaker, had gotten a permit to film in the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn... an empty, graffitti-tagged behemoth that I'd always dreamed of being allowed to enter. Wish granted! Thanks, empty pool genie!

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Danny filming a scene

Random garbage abounds amid the actors' getaway route

Julia as Persephone walks across the pool bottom to join the group

If you ever find yourself in New York, be sure to see what Collaboration Town is up to: they're usually up to something. :)


Rachel & Jason - 10/16/06 Long Island City, NY

I was thrilled when I booked this wedding last spring; Rachel and I know each other from our Boston University days, and I have adored Jason since we were first introduced. Because Rachel and Jason are both actors and exceptionally cool and creative individuals, it was important to them to have a wedding that reflected their offbeat and interesting perspective. The location they choose telegraphed all that and more: the ceremony and reception took place in a converted electric parts factory in Long Island City, and the owner had filled four floors with mismatched furniture, velvet drapes, odd props, and fascinating nooks. I felt like I'd stepped into a Vanity Fair photo studio... it was a photographer's heaven. The vintage setting lent itself perfectly to the couple's style, and the photos pretty much took themselves: I just had to stand there releasing the shutter and try not to pass out with glee.

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Vanity Fair, here I come...

Rachel's gorgeous, lace-draped dress

Jason and the boys

Hand-painted favors laid out for each guest

Rachel getting dressed

A funky chair in a lovely blue nook

Rachel making herself at home

STOP in the name of love

Thank you Rachel and Jason for an incredible evening... not to mention a great excuse to get back to New York for a week! It was well overdue. :)

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