Anna & Baby Noah

I reconnected with my old friend Anna to take photos of her 3-month old son Noah while they were in town last week from New York City. I just loved this sweet boy.

I love Noah's expression in the middle shot


Mom comforts Noah in between pacifier breaks


Allow me to wax nostalgic with my dreamy natural light source



Freeravin Jewelry

Last week I spent a golden afternoon on the banks of the Platte River shooting some rather rare subjects -- earrings. Scarlet Ravin is the artist behind Freeravin earrings, and she enticed some of her gorgeous friends to model for our shoot. Scarlet's work is bohemian and uninhibited, full of long feathers and assymetrical beading and metallic chains. I own two pairs of Freeravin earrings already, and I'm just getting started.


Natalie wears many hats


Jackie in gold


Nicole is sweet and spicy


Portrait of the Artist Scarlet with Backlighting


Shayne, Scarlet, Natalie, and Dave


Jackie in jailbird stripes


Scarlet and Jackie, under an obligatory parasol


The Freeravins



Jen vs. The Windstorm

Jen Orvis is a business broker and group facilitator for small business owners, and she also recently became the host of an online radio show.  She braved a decidedly wicked windstorm to nab these corporate portraits at Riverfront Park.  Power to the elements, and power to Jen.

Work hard...


Play hard!



Ekphrastic Poetry at the Kirkland

By Vance Kirkland (1904-1981)
1977, oil & water on linen 

Please join me at the remarkable Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art for an Ekphrastic Poetry Reading on Wednesday, April 6. What, you ask, is ekphrasis? In short, it's art made in response to other art.

For the past three years in honor of National Poetry Month, the Kirkland has opened its doors to the Poets Beyond Reason (PBR). We scurry and scramble through the museum's trove of treasures, scribbling poems about paintings, furniture, ceramics, and... some other stuff. The audience is free to roam the museum at will, and if you stumble on a poet, she will read her work aloud to you while you reflect on the art that acted as her muse. It's the best, most autonomous way to attend a poetry reading. Steer your own ship!

The Kirkland is one of Denver's most amazing artistic gems, and even a quick walk-through is well worth the price of admission.

Check it out:

Wednesday, April 6

5:30pm - 7:30pm

$10/person including wine and light refreshments

Kirkland Museum (13th and Pearl in Capitol Hill)


Jogging Photographer

Jogging in my neighborhood, I notice things that never grab me when I'm in my car. The Coronet drycleaner knuckles down and dirty at the corner of Bruce Randolph and York. To hold your own against a liquor store, defunct gas station, and a taqueria, you have to bring your own brand of raunch.

The other thing about jogging is you must be careful where you put your foot down.

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