I am available:

  • as a keynote speaker for groups and schools
  • to lead professional development seminars and trainings for educators and executives
  • to teach workshops
  • to write and edit lyrics, scripts, and copy
  • to shoot portrait photography
  • to travel (everywhere)

Sample topics for speeches and workshops:

  • Creative Activism
  • Critical Action
  • Arts Integration
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Performance, Public Speaking
  • Collaboration
  • Theatre

I offer professional development for educators and executives in the areas of arts and cultural integration, with an emphasis on collaboration and cross-cultural communication skills. Because of my experience working with people from various marginalized and disenfranchised communities, I'm able to offer some strategies to help teachers and other professionals connect with students or employees who might not come from the same background as they do. I can also provide curriculum ideas, team-building activities, and creative strategies to help reinvigorate the classroom or workplace, infusing environments with discovery, curiosity, and creativity.

For students and special interest groups, I offer large-scale presentations or smaller interactive workshops. Presentations include a talk or performance followed by a facilitated discussion, and workshops can be custom-designed to serve the specific needs of any group.

For pricing, more information, or to share your ideas with me, please get in touch!