I am a performance poet, theatre artist, and keynote speaker. I hold a BFA in Theatre Studies from Boston University's theatre conservatory.


MCA Denver, Feminism & Co. Series: Creative Lecture "Big Woman"



Performance: One-Woman Play "Unprotected"


TEDx Talk: Poem "Inside the Raft"


Pecha Kucha: "How Did You Put Yourself on the Map?"


Art Residency: Performance/Installation "Evidence of a Distance Traveled"

In July of 2014, I returned to PlatteForum in Denver, CO for my second creative residency. “Evidence of a Distance Traveled” is a performance piece and art installation that uses my travels across the country and around the world as fodder for stories and observations about belonging, connection, love, art, and science. Combining the art of performance poetry with the style of an academic lecture, I explore topics as diverse as gender roles, sexuality, disability, and physics. At once humorous, critical, and poignant, “Evidence of a Distance Traveled” articulates our yearning to authentically belong… in the world at large, in our communities, and in our own skin.


Performance: Poem and Slideshow "Slum Story"


Keynote: "Critical Action - Staying Fluid in the Face of Uncertainty"


Art Residency: Performance/Installation "Good Grief"

In March of 2011, I was a creative resident at PlatteForum in Denver, CO. During my residency, I created a performance piece and installation entitled Good Grief in response to the death of my father.  The material reflects on personal and cultural perceptions of grief with a particular emphasis on the pressure in American culture to make "sense" of loss and rebound quickly. I stretched this notion to its extreme in the installation, using graphs, numerical data, and information batching to visually quantify an emotional experience. As part of my residency I also mentored teenagers living in group foster care through the process of writing and performing original slam poems for a live audience.