Speaking and Teaching Testimonials:

"You got AMAZING feedback for your talk at that meeting.  Truly, you were the highlight of the whole day for quite a few people.  You gave them exactly what they needed – a lot of positive energy, some cheerleading, and great ideas for their schools." -- Michelle Shedro, Think 360 Arts, Denver, CO

"Hey Andrea -- I got tons of positive feedback today!  My 5th grade teachers took their students back to the classroom and worked on poetry for the rest of the afternoon, and the kids were very determined to find power words to describe their ideas and get specific in their writing.  My principal thought the enthusiasm and engagement level of the kids was 'palpable.' Thanks again!" -- Alison Myers, Art Instructor, Chappelow Arts Magnet School, Greeley, CO

"Andrea has a gift for connecting with people.  Both through her powerful performance or her skillful interaction with teens, she is sincere, open and inspiring.  Our students felt an immediate affinity with her and look forward to working with her again in the future."  -- Angela Beloian, Art Instructor, September High School, Boulder, CO

"We thought you'd be all old and creepy and stuff, and you're not." -- Maddie, 8th grader, Sunset Middle School, Longmont, CO

Photography Testimonials:

"Andrea - THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! Cannot thank you enough. Folks actually came back HAPPY after having their pics taken which says such great things about your style." -- Kathy Green, Director of Communications and Marketing, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade

"These pictures are amazing. I am blown away. Let me put it to you this way: what you captured with your camera is the way I see my kids with my heart. I am amazed. I had relatively high expectations of the photography because I know you're a really good photographer, but you so far exceeded my and Veronica's hopes and expectations I can't even put it into words. You truly, truly captured our children the way that we see them and the way that we wish that other people could see them all the time. So thank you, thank you, thank you so much for doing that. You're an amazing woman. I hope you're crying, because you know what? I was when I was looking at the pictures." -- Jim Brennan, parent