The Wayfaring Band

I am the Executive Director and Co-founder of The Wayfaring Band, a nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colorado. The Wayfaring Band is not a rock-and-roll band, but a band of travelers. We create road trips and adventure travel for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. We also offer a social leadership program for adults without disabilities who are interested in inclusion and diversity.


The Detached Garage Creative Residency Program

I run an artist-in-residence program out of the detached garage on my property.  Artists may apply for work space or live/work space, and residencies last from 2-6 weeks.  During their residency, artists also develop and lead a Double or Nothing seminar.  Double or Nothing seminars require the artist to teach two unrelated subjects at the same time. The intention is for artists to explore their individuality and share their depth and breadth of experience with the local community.

Email me for more information.


N.O.W. Arts

I am a co-founder of the No One Way Arts Collaborative (N.O.W.), an organization that helps people develop, nurture, and apply their creative selves.  From 2007-2011 we planned artistic retreats in cities across the country and invited creators to fly in to the host city to participate.  We also designed and implemented creative online challenges, using the internet to collaborate with a more diverse network of creators.  To date, N.O.W. has collaborated with over 100 artists from 76 cities across 4 continents.